I understand that in this day and age, people take privacy and their protection of it very seriously.  It can be very difficult to allow a stranger into your house and trust that person is there to help you.  This is something that I take very seriously and have for a long time.

I first learned about trustworthiness when I was in the Scouts on my way to becoming and Eagle Scout.  “Trustworthy” is one of the 10 Boy Scout Laws.  It has been engrained in me from a young age.  If people can’t trust you, you are not going to be able to engage with people on a daily basis.

This notion followed me further when I was was a paramedic and volunteer with the fire department.  We went into people’s homes every day, when they were at their most vulnerable and they trusted that we were there to help them and would treat them and their homes as our own.

I have carried all of these ideals with me throughout my life and feel that being a trustworthy person is the only way to run a business.  I am someone who lives in the community and wants to help my neighbors out.  I want my neighbors to trust me and to feel like they can call me whenever they have a problem.

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