Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge

I was born and raised in Menlo Park, CA.  I went to school here and this is where I spent most of my life and where I have chosen to raise my family.  I am not only a business owner in this area, but I am also a neighbor.  I work in the area where I live.

I have learned a lot about the types of homes here in this area over the years.  I do have some specialized local knowledge of the area as compared to someone who is not from the area.  I understand the specific needs of my neighbors, and how their needs are different from other parts of the Bay Area.

I also understand the streets and cities in the Menlo Park area.  I know where the closest place to buy a part or material is and can save time.  I also can get from job to job quickly.

Wouldn’t you want to hire a neighbor who lives in your community and will be there for you when you need them?  Give me a call or schedule an appointment today for all your handyman needs.

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